DIY Project For Alcoholic Beverage Collectors: Setting up a Home Bar

You do not need to be a drinker to set aside a space for a home bar. It is part of interior décor that adds a sense of modernity to your home. Moreover, the bar comes in handy when entertaining your guests. Besides, you could still use it to sharpen your mixology skills. 

You do not need a big space to set up a home bar. With just a small space- near the staircase or fireplace or at the balcony where you can view the rest of the home as you enjoy your drink- is enough.

Better still, you can have a movable bar tray stocked with all the drinks and still enjoy the benefits of a home bar.

What are some of the essentials when stocking a home bar?

  • The stock of beer, wine, and spirits
  • Glassware of different sizes and shapes
  • Mixers which include soft drinks, spices, and herbs
  • Interesting books for bartenders
  • Bitters
  • Barstools
  • Bar shelf or tray or a sideboard

We have looked at the areas to set up the bar and the essentials you may need. Let this journey be a sprint and not a marathon.

Probably, you have a few bottles of wine in the fridge, or a tray that you have just piled books and a kitchen counter, with this you are good to go.

Look at a few tips you may need to start that dream home bar

  • Start with a few bottles of your favorite spirit or beer or wine

This is your home bar; your friends are just a by the way. Anyway, why should you stock an expensive wine (which you have no idea about its taste) just to please your friends?

You only do that when out there enjoying yourself. At home, share your favorites with friends as a way of extending the act of personal experience with them.

  • Collect all home accessories then add what you feel you lack

You only need to go out of your way and look at some of the things you have at home that are better placed in a home bar tray.

Your fridge has an ice tray, remove some of the wine glasses from the wall unit. Add a sense of beauty by including some flowers. You already have your home bar in progress.

  • Invest in a wet home bar

The moment you have mixers as part of your essentials then you need a working space to the mixing. You should be asking what a wet bar is, this is a sink near the home bar for mixing different beer flavors.

You can do a makeshift sink, or just once and for all involve a plumber to set up a permanent home bar fixing all the required plumbing services.

The great choice of the bar table is vital to ensure you include the right size and color. Let the carpenter use the best woodwork tools for that perfect finish.

  • List all the barware and avail them in order of priority

Everyone has a dream home bar of choice. You may have the money to do it but lack the time. Conversely, you can still have the will, but, money becomes a challenge. As long as you have what you need to start, get the rest in order of priority.

You can only know this if you frequently use the bar. Invite your friends and have time at the home bar. It is the best way to know what you lack and is vital in allowing you to have a good time.

Some of the things to top your list include shakers, lemon peeler, muddler, jigger, strainer, mixing glass among others. If you have no idea of the purpose of all these essentials then keep it simple and elegant with what you have.

  • Research to have a customized home bar

At this point, the idea is there, you are now working on the implementation. You are actually in an informal class. As you go to enjoy your drink in your favorite pub, look at what you miss and you wish it’s available.

Let that be on your list for your bar. Secondly, look at what you love in this pub, is it the setup or is it the wine glass arrangement or is it just the color of the bar décor? Use those as ideas on what you will incorporate eventually when decide to equip it or give it a facelift.

  • Use experts

It is normal to run short of ideas yet you want the best home bar. Some experts do a marvelous job within your budget.

Just share with them what your imaginary bar should be. They may add you insights on how to achieve it at a good cost.

Experts come at a fee; they never take their time for free. Don’t you think that the fee can be directed to get some bar essentials? Trust yourself and use technology to make your home bar dream a reality.

Just a minute, do you always get people to come and arrange your house? Go online and download apps to give you ideas on the best place and how to set up the home bar. When it comes to the menu, let your taste guide you. There is also no harm in trying new recipes. Do it.

Make those mistakes and let them be learning lessons. How well can you serve your guests if not by allowing them to try your new recipes which you have sharpened through the mistakes?

Starting a home bar needs not to cost you an arm and a leg. A willing heart is the starting point and the rest will just fall in place. It only takes a few months if not years to have your dream home bar. Once you have it, it should not be the end of the journey. Always strive to make it better with new brands of beer and wine available in the market.

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