Collection Ideas That Are Great For Toilet Rooms

Gone are the days when the toilet was just for removing toxic waste from the body. The world has become high tech, thanks to advanced technology. Apart from just the building and accessories that brighten your toilet, you can decorate it with various collections. If you are a fan of collections and you feel that you have exhausted all the areas or rather you even lack space for them then have you thought of the toilet? Look at these brilliant ideas to add glamour to your toilet.

You can enhance your hobby into a money-making venture. Some people completely lack ideas on how to enhance the beauty of their home. You now have a chance to create a niche- toilet decoration. You can opt to collect many of them, decorate it and take a photoshoot. Use social media as your marketing tool. Before you notice, your direct messaging platforms will be full of orders across the globe or rather be a consultant in cases where you cannot be physically present.

 Miniature toys

Does your child have a challenge in toilet training? If yes, then this could just be a phobia that he may develop for a reason you may not out your hand to. This is the time to use your hobby to encourage them to visit the toilet when need be. Place some of the favorite toys on the toilet shelves. A child has a low concentration span but the fact that there is something attractive to the eyes then trust me, he will spend more time in there. Before you notice he just loves visiting the toilet even if there is nothing he can do there.

 Wall paintings and wall hangings

In your recent holiday visit, you had some wall hanging and paintings that you bought on the streets as a way of remembrance. You can place them on the toilet just to give ambiance to this small room. You need to strategically place them such that they do not clutter the wall and also not clash with the wall colors. You also need to consider the theme color and choose a painting that matches with the color theme. You can also opt for a total makeover of the wall and involve artwork in the walls. This can be inspired by your collections. You can also collect pictures of things that you love and strategically place them on the toilet shelves or walls.

Toilet essentials

The must-have in a toilet also forms part of the collections. You only need to have surplus such that if it is a refresher them you have varieties in that the toilet have a different scent every day per week depending on your choice. You can also opt to have all your makeup on the toilet that is collect facial masks from different countries that are good for sensitive skin.


Are you a fan of art, do you have artistic collections of any genre that you just keep on your store due to lack of ideas on the best place to keep them? If yes, then your toilet is the ultimate solution. Just make your toilet room artsy. Trust me, everyone who visits the room will have an idea to borrow from you and customize it to suit their homes. This is just a sleek preview of some of the ideas you may use to give your toilet a complete makeover. Your hobby and taste should be your guiding principle to achieve this objective.

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