Ever feel like you just can't get anything done? Do you find yourself sitting at your desk and checking email, then Facebook, then Twitter, then Instagram… You're scrolling through the same posts over and over again without really knowing why. It's because you are stuck in a loop of procrastination. Here is how to break out of it and be productive.

Horace once said that art is a poem without words. Collecting art is one of the best endeavors a person can pursue. However, art collection can be daunting and expensive.

The art collection is not as difficult as you think it is. Like wine tasting, the key is to choose something you love. We have a few tips to make the process more enjoyable.

Create a Budget

Starting an art collection process can seem like an out-of-reach luxury. However, luxury has a different definition for everyone. While it is exciting to buy art from big names, the way to start collecting new art is to buy from lesser-known names. You never know whether it could be worth something more expensive in the future.

Visit artist studios, museums, and even art shows at colleges. Instagram is also another way to discover galleries' upcoming stars. It can also help to ask around at coffee shops and art supply stores. Often, you'll be granted discounts or gain access to art that has not been displayed.

Originals Can Be Affordable

You should feel a connection to the art you are buying. That is why buying original art over reproductions is a smarter decision.

Original art can give your walls added decor and character. It is also one of the few areas in which you can get a return on investment.

When it comes to buying original art, there's a lot to consider. Luckily, there's plenty of great art if you know where to look. If you're buying art at an auction for the first time, start with talking to other collectors or art consultants. It's easy to fall for things just because they're being hyped.

A little professional advice can prevent you from wasting your paycheck on a fake piece of art. Start with the artist's name, title, and date of creation. Remember to ask for a certificate of authenticity.

Make Comparisons

One piece of art is always going to be better than another piece of art. Comparison can reveal much about the way each artist has tried to communicate a certain message. However, 'I like this' or 'I don't like this' without reason is not a comparison.

What do you see in terms of lines, shapes, colors, and textures? What is the center of interest in the composition? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when comparing two or more pieces of art.

Other factors you should watch out for include:

  • Identification
  • Technical data
  • Theme
  • Function
  • Structure Composition

Buy from Online Galleries

The growth of digital channels and the rapid rise of e-commerce allow both buyers and artists all around the globe to connect seamlessly. Buying art online is an interesting adventure, and it's an affordable alternative to buying pricier original art.

Print out the picture of the art on a piece that is of the same size and see if it can fill that yawning space above your couch. Remember, it doesn't have to be an intricate 15-piece gallery wall. Start with one or two key pieces and then consider unusual ways to shake up your choice. It's also highly satisfying knowing that you're supporting a young online artist.

Don't Forget the Frame

The art collection process is still incomplete unless the works are finely preserved. Your next big decision is choosing the right frame in which to display your new art. How to choose your art frame is an art.

The main purpose of a frame is to focus people's attention on the work of art. Consequently, you should use the best affordable jointer to affix the art into the frame. A general rule of thumb is to use a simpler frame design. Similarly, a shimmery frame can modernize a traditional scene.

It's much easier to find a classic and ready-made frame if you select basic frames for your affordable art. And then there's the cost to consider: you will find frames for almost every budget.

Keep Art Pieces Away from the Sun

A problem most art collectors face is how to protect their art from light damage.  Ultraviolet radiation is potentially damaging to all works of art. It can cause discoloration and weakening of paper fibers.

Although most oil paintings will not get damaged over a short time, too much light will ultimately damage an oil painting.

To better protect your artwork from things like UV radiation, never put the artworks where they will be in direct sunlight. Additionally, monitor the humidity level in your home and maintain it below 55%.


Collecting art is a passion that takes time and money. Luckily, the art world is becoming more accessible to a wider collecting group. You, too, can join them today. Ultimately, discovering your style and taste is what matters the most.

You do not need to be a drinker to set aside a space for a home bar. It is part of interior décor that adds a sense of modernity to your home. Moreover, the bar comes in handy when entertaining your guests. Besides, you could still use it to sharpen your mixology skills. 

You do not need a big space to set up a home bar. With just a small space- near the staircase or fireplace or at the balcony where you can view the rest of the home as you enjoy your drink- is enough.

Better still, you can have a movable bar tray stocked with all the drinks and still enjoy the benefits of a home bar.

What are some of the essentials when stocking a home bar?

  • The stock of beer, wine, and spirits
  • Glassware of different sizes and shapes
  • Mixers which include soft drinks, spices, and herbs
  • Interesting books for bartenders
  • Bitters
  • Barstools
  • Bar shelf or tray or a sideboard

We have looked at the areas to set up the bar and the essentials you may need. Let this journey be a sprint and not a marathon.

Probably, you have a few bottles of wine in the fridge, or a tray that you have just piled books and a kitchen counter, with this you are good to go.

Look at a few tips you may need to start that dream home bar

  • Start with a few bottles of your favorite spirit or beer or wine

This is your home bar; your friends are just a by the way. Anyway, why should you stock an expensive wine (which you have no idea about its taste) just to please your friends?

You only do that when out there enjoying yourself. At home, share your favorites with friends as a way of extending the act of personal experience with them.

  • Collect all home accessories then add what you feel you lack

You only need to go out of your way and look at some of the things you have at home that are better placed in a home bar tray.

Your fridge has an ice tray, remove some of the wine glasses from the wall unit. Add a sense of beauty by including some flowers. You already have your home bar in progress.

  • Invest in a wet home bar

The moment you have mixers as part of your essentials then you need a working space to the mixing. You should be asking what a wet bar is, this is a sink near the home bar for mixing different beer flavors.

You can do a makeshift sink, or just once and for all involve a plumber to set up a permanent home bar fixing all the required plumbing services.

The great choice of the bar table is vital to ensure you include the right size and color. Let the carpenter use the best woodwork tools for that perfect finish.

  • List all the barware and avail them in order of priority

Everyone has a dream home bar of choice. You may have the money to do it but lack the time. Conversely, you can still have the will, but, money becomes a challenge. As long as you have what you need to start, get the rest in order of priority.

You can only know this if you frequently use the bar. Invite your friends and have time at the home bar. It is the best way to know what you lack and is vital in allowing you to have a good time.

Some of the things to top your list include shakers, lemon peeler, muddler, jigger, strainer, mixing glass among others. If you have no idea of the purpose of all these essentials then keep it simple and elegant with what you have.

  • Research to have a customized home bar

At this point, the idea is there, you are now working on the implementation. You are actually in an informal class. As you go to enjoy your drink in your favorite pub, look at what you miss and you wish it’s available.

Let that be on your list for your bar. Secondly, look at what you love in this pub, is it the setup or is it the wine glass arrangement or is it just the color of the bar décor? Use those as ideas on what you will incorporate eventually when decide to equip it or give it a facelift.

  • Use experts

It is normal to run short of ideas yet you want the best home bar. Some experts do a marvelous job within your budget.

Just share with them what your imaginary bar should be. They may add you insights on how to achieve it at a good cost.

Experts come at a fee; they never take their time for free. Don’t you think that the fee can be directed to get some bar essentials? Trust yourself and use technology to make your home bar dream a reality.

Just a minute, do you always get people to come and arrange your house? Go online and download apps to give you ideas on the best place and how to set up the home bar. When it comes to the menu, let your taste guide you. There is also no harm in trying new recipes. Do it.

Make those mistakes and let them be learning lessons. How well can you serve your guests if not by allowing them to try your new recipes which you have sharpened through the mistakes?

Starting a home bar needs not to cost you an arm and a leg. A willing heart is the starting point and the rest will just fall in place. It only takes a few months if not years to have your dream home bar. Once you have it, it should not be the end of the journey. Always strive to make it better with new brands of beer and wine available in the market.

There are people who have daily routines that they follow religiously when making use of the bathroom or steam showers. As for some others, they find these routines hectic and boring.

However, no matter the category you find yourself in, it is vital that you make use of bath and beauty products that are ideal for you. There are so many collections we can find in various bathrooms.

These collections can range from essential oils down to facial wipes. Nevertheless, bear in mind that, making use of the worst products can have terrible effects on the skin.

Things Needed In The Bathroom

When it comes down to our bathrooms, there are so many bath and beauty products we can find there. In choosing a collection of things for your bathroom, some of the major collections we can find include:

• Soaps and shower gels

It does not matter if you are having a complete shower or simply scrubbing off the vital parts of the body. At the end of the day, getting clean is an essential task. Since most of us have delicate skins, it is important that you pick the right product.

Furthermore, those who have highly sensitive skin may search for body and beauty shower gels that will not hurt their skin. You may want a product that does not have alcohol or one that has a specific pH balance.

• Shampoo and conditioner

With the ideal shampoo and conditioner, your hair may look different finally. There are people blessed with perfect hair that works with nearly all products. However, it all depends on your hair type.

We have oily hair, frizzy and even curly hair. Hence, there are so many options you can choose from. There are frizz control shampoos and conditioners, while there are other products that have henna in them.

• Toothbrushes

This is a no-brainer. Toothbrushes are among the collections you can find in almost everyone’s bathroom. While there are people who pick any toothbrush they come across, others search if the toothbrush is ideal for their teeth.

This is because we have toothbrushes that have soft bristles and there are also electric toothbrushes.

Products For Your Steam Shower

Asides from the common bathroom collections, there are also products we can make use of when in the steam shower. There are essential oils and herbs you can add to your steam showers.

This is due to the fact that they are considered to be beneficial to diverse skin types. Also, they are known to having an invigorating or calming effect.

For the bath and body products you can use when you have steam showers, they include:

• Herbs

The herbs you can add to your steam showers include chamomile and rosemary. Research has proven that chamomile has the ability to aid with dermatitis as well as skin inflammation. This makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

As for Rosemary, it is a good alternative for people with oily skin

• Eucalyptus Oil

Those who have issues with acne and congestion can make use of this body and beauty product oil.

• Geranium Oil

Gotten from the German flower, the oil is referred to as a natural astringent that aids in tightening and toning the skin.

• Orange Oil

Coupled with its aromatherapy properties, this oil can aid in unblocking the blocked pores and brightening a dull complexion.

As for the other bathroom essentials we can add to our bathroom collections or make use of in our steam showers, they include:

• Dead sea salt mineral bath

• Charcoal exfoliating scrub

• Organic cotton exfoliating hydro sponge

• Charcoal purifying body wash

• Anti-stress massage lotion, and;

• Loofah back massage brush, etc.

Wrapping It Up

Body and beauty products are essential in keeping our bodies fresh and soothing. We have compiled some of the best collections you can add to your bathroom, as well as essential oils you can make use of when having a steam shower.

Gone are the days when the toilet was just for removing toxic waste from the body. The world has become high tech, thanks to advanced technology. Apart from just the building and accessories that brighten your toilet, you can decorate it with various collections. If you are a fan of collections and you feel that you have exhausted all the areas or rather you even lack space for them then have you thought of the toilet? Look at these brilliant ideas to add glamour to your toilet.

You can enhance your hobby into a money-making venture. Some people completely lack ideas on how to enhance the beauty of their home. You now have a chance to create a niche- toilet decoration. You can opt to collect many of them, decorate it and take a photoshoot. Use social media as your marketing tool. Before you notice, your direct messaging platforms will be full of orders across the globe or rather be a consultant in cases where you cannot be physically present.

 Miniature toys

Does your child have a challenge in toilet training? If yes, then this could just be a phobia that he may develop for a reason you may not out your hand to. This is the time to use your hobby to encourage them to visit the toilet when need be. Place some of the favorite toys on the toilet shelves. A child has a low concentration span but the fact that there is something attractive to the eyes then trust me, he will spend more time in there. Before you notice he just loves visiting the toilet even if there is nothing he can do there.

 Wall paintings and wall hangings

In your recent holiday visit, you had some wall hanging and paintings that you bought on the streets as a way of remembrance. You can place them on the toilet just to give ambiance to this small room. You need to strategically place them such that they do not clutter the wall and also not clash with the wall colors. You also need to consider the theme color and choose a painting that matches with the color theme. You can also opt for a total makeover of the wall and involve artwork in the walls. This can be inspired by your collections. You can also collect pictures of things that you love and strategically place them on the toilet shelves or walls.

Toilet essentials

The must-have in a toilet also forms part of the collections. You only need to have surplus such that if it is a refresher them you have varieties in that the toilet have a different scent every day per week depending on your choice. You can also opt to have all your makeup on the toilet that is collect facial masks from different countries that are good for sensitive skin.


Are you a fan of art, do you have artistic collections of any genre that you just keep on your store due to lack of ideas on the best place to keep them? If yes, then your toilet is the ultimate solution. Just make your toilet room artsy. Trust me, everyone who visits the room will have an idea to borrow from you and customize it to suit their homes. This is just a sleek preview of some of the ideas you may use to give your toilet a complete makeover. Your hobby and taste should be your guiding principle to achieve this objective.

Collecting things is a hobby for some people. Most people collect artworks or antique things. There are also some people who collect anything related to the sports that they love. Ping Pong has turned out to be one of the acclaimed and unmistakable games in the ongoing occasions. Unquestionably, there are dependable who beat the rundown of a considerable number of players. A lot of ping pong fans for sure want to collect the famous ping pong athletes' equipment and jersey. It is usually the start of a journey of a ping pong collector.

For the most part, there are a considerable amount of individuals who play ping pong as their genuine games. Most ping pong used to play the sport and some just love watching the sport. If you love the sport, chances are that having a ping pong collection is something that you've wanted. The good thing about being a ping pong collector is it is widely known so wherever you are in the world, you can find anything related to the sport. Here are some suggestions to grow your ping pong collection:

Go to thrift stores or garage sales.
Although there is a little chance that you can find anything related to ping pong in thrift stores or garage sales, there is also a high chance that you will be able to find something rare or anything not common. We know that in collecting things, the rarer the thing that you collect or if you're the only one who has that you are doing great at it. You might also be able to find some things related to ping pong there that can be considered antique or special.

Vary your collection.
Don't just limit to collecting ping pong balls. If you want to grow your collection, try also to collect ping pong paddles (old and new), jerseys of known ping pong athletes and even table if you have enough space for that. The more things you collect the better.

Make it special.
How do you make a ping pong collection special? Have it signed by your favourite ping pong athletes. If you're a fan of the sport, for sure you know the value of athletes'signatures. Nowadays, it is easy to get updates about athletes' whereabouts through social media. Take advantage of that to be able to watch their games and meet them to have your collection signed.

Collect when you travel in different places.
Ping pong is a known sport all over the world that's why collecting anything ping pong-related is possible when you travel in other countries. You can check out the stores that sell ping pong equipment (go for their local brand which cannot be bought in your home country) or go to sporting events in other countries or cities to be able to find one. Miniature ping pong paddles that are ideal for kids can usually be found being sold as souvenirs in sporting events.

There you go! Have fun growing your ping pong collection and loving the sport!

In 2016, after graduating from college, I decided to venture into the fashion industry. I had little experience in the fashion world, but I believed my passion and a lot of hard work will help me achieve my goal. While working in the fashion industry, I learned a lot, such as garment cutting, sewing, pattern drafting, garment production and so many another bunch of things that had to do with fashion and design. One of the most important skills I learned in the fashion industry was fashion collection. Most fashion lovers collect dresses from different parts of the world. Most successful fashion companies that we know today, also collected from different parts of the world to get inspiration to make their own products have a sense of uniqueness and also beat their competitors.

Fashion collection should not be mistaken for the fashion line. The fashion collection is simply items fashion designers put together for each season. A line might sound similar, but it is a subsidiary of a season. A line can be in a collection for a season. In the fashion industries, there are eight seasons in a year. The major ones are Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, and Resort and Pre-Fall seasons.

While fashion designers might be busy collecting different garment for a season's display, this might require the need for a steamer. Most fabrics come in many textures and require to be straightened out. A garment steamer is simply a device that uses high-temperature steam to easily remove wrinkles from garments and fabrics. While these steamers might not have been popular in the fashion industries, it is now a major device for most fashion collectors. Technology is gradually creeping into the fashion industry just as other industries, and the steamer is ones of the major technological inventions that is a must-have for fashion collectors. Companies are consistently working to find new suitable devices to make the fabrics do more for us. The garment steamer is a must-have device for every fashion collector, from the personal collector to the big major fashion companies.

A garment steamer might seem like a device solemnly used by the major fashion industries, I have found the garment steamer to be of great help for me at home also While traveling or going out on a regular outing, the portable steamer has always come to my rescue.

For most travelers going on a trip, either for business or a vacation. It is very common for most travelers to pack up things from the list of things to bring like toiletries, clothes, gadgets, garment steamers and more Although I will like to emphasize more on the garment steamer. A steamer is a great investment for most travelers. The portable steamer has always been a day saver during unexpected moments. Most fabrics are made from varying materials that make them wrinkle with little or no touch. While most of the fabrics look better when they have been steamed out The use of a local iron is not an option, so using the portable steamer is always the solution. These steamers come in different sizes and they are very easy to use They require no major skill. They have regulators for any texture of fabrics and take little or no time to strengthen out a cloth. They are a great recommendation that every fashion collector should include in their things to bring especially when traveling to find something to add in their collections.

Ping Pong is one of the most common and well-known sports around the world. It’s a trademark for table tennis and the equipment that is used to play the game. If you've got no idea about PingPong, visit this link (www.bestpingpongtables.review/pool-tables). But do people know that fashion also takes its inspiration from games like ping pong?

According to the dictionary, ping pong also means echoic reduplication or to move back and forth, as between ideas, feelings or even places. Ping pong is commonly used in sports and is also a common term for table tennis. It’s a sport in which two to four players need to hit a lightweight ball across a table using a small wooden bat. Playing at home is one of the things you can do with PingPong. The game takes place on a rectangular hard table that is divided by a net, much like a regular tennis court set- up. The basic rule of the game is to allow the ball played for them to bounce one time onto the other side of the table. The other player should return the ball back by hitting it so that it bounces on the opposite side once as well. It can be fun and is a great indoor sport as well. But can this be transmuted to a piece of garment?


There are several brands uses Ping Pong as an inspiration to their fashion collection. Ping pong is more than just a game. Just like collecting clothes, you can also collect a good set of rackets for PingPong. The game also reflects the ball's movement that goes back and forth, same as with the fashion industry. Fashion trends may come and go, but certain patterns just come back in style. A small ball or the actual table tennis game does not just represent ping pong, the word itself has a much deeper and significant meaning. Ping pong inspired fashion collection is also related to styles that can be worn fashionably from work and also to the weekend. It can be versatile but still maintains it classic and often sophisticated style. A color palette that fits any age inspires most fashion collections associated with the sport. The cut is also done to flatter the female form and is often quite versatile.

Most designers would often create designs that buyers will consider as wardrobe keepers. These are pieces that can wear back with most of your wardrobe, or pieces of clothing that just stand out on their own whatever season it might be. Ping pong isn’t just a game that players play on a table. It can also be a source of inspiration even for a fashion collection. Ping pong represents the movement of the ball moving back and forth, which is something that most designers should take as a source of inspiration. Fashion collections inspired by this movement often want to create designs that are timeless. These are models that bounce itself back into the fashion scene with little effort. Sometimes, fashion doesn’t have to be striking or bold. It sometimes needs to be as classy and as timeless as possible. Just like the game itself, you have to make sure that your style can bounce itself back no matter what the season may be.