Oakland Sewn



OaklandSewn is a full-service, sample development and small-run production company for sewn goods. Our services include:

  • Patternmaking
  • Sustainable Sourcing and Repurposed and High-Tech Materials
  • Responsible Manufacturing
  • Made to Order and Customization Models
  • Innovative Promotion and Sales

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and ensure good livelihoods for a diverse, local maker-force. OaklandSewn works with artisan producers and local companies that hold similar social and environmental values.



Each of our resident members works out of their own studio space in our warehouse. Currently, space is available for local artisans and creatives.


hiroko kurihara designs
Hiroko Kurihara Designs is a socially responsible company that offers unique high-quality textile creations. They strive to foster conscientious consumerism, encouraging people to consider the global and local impact of all their purchasing decisions. With every item sold another is donated, one for one, to a local non-profit that works with people who are homeless.  Come see her high-quality boiled wool apparel and home goods! Hiroko is the founding member of the 25th Street Collective.

2 Mile Wines
Two Mile began as a group of wine and food lovers with a passion for the moments surrounding an exceptional bottle of wine. 2 Mile Wines is  grounded in building local grower relationships and honoring the land they work, as evidenced in 2 Miles continued investment in the highest quality fruit that California has to offer, produced nearly exclusively organically and biodynamically; in a love of true wine which bucks conventional technique; and in the love of friends and family which guides every decision. They make wine in Berkeley and Alameda, with grapes from Sonoma, Livermore, and the Central Coast. Visit their office for a tasting at the 25th Street Collective.

Current Resident Members

Platinum Dirt
Platinum Dirt jackets are one of a kind, handmade out of reclaimed vintage auto upholstery from the genuine leather interiors of old luxury vehicles. Despite the jackets avant-garde appeal, the essence of Platinum Dirt can be summed up in one phrase: Mean and Green. The hood ornament zipper pull, VIN breastplate, and uniquely patterned interior lining add to the jacket’s distinct edge. Reusing leather stripped from vintage cars makes the jackets Green, environmentally friendly, and ensures that our landfills will be that much lighter. Platinum Dirt is that staple sustainable piece for high fashion and celebrity society, with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Piven and Adrian Grenier sporting their own one of a kind.

GhEttO GoLdiLocks
GhEttO GoLdiLocks uses exclusively recycled, re-used, rescued, and reclaimed materials to create unique and one-of-a-kind handmade pieces of wearable art.




OLover Hats
OLover Hats produces finely blocked felt and straw headwear and radical mixed media head ornaments. With atypical styles and trims that bend eras in time with the masculine and feminine, artist, owner Elwyn Crawford playfully calls them Agents of Transformation. Hats really can change a person. They offer comfort, protection, and a bold sense of identity. Furthermore, as any hat person knows, they’re fun to wear. O’Lover Hats approaches its one-of-a-kind hats as wearable 3D art, with the perspective that each must be provocative, resolved from all angles and compliment the life and personality of the client.

Marc Avenue
When Marcus Quilter founded Marc Avenue in 2011, he believed that attention to detail was key- clothing must look good and remain a functional piece of art. Being an Artist himself, Marcus inspiration for the line is drawn from his passion for Art History from all around the world.

Moxie Shoes
Why should women's shoes be limited to the soulless practical, and the monotonously sexy, when women are so much more? Walk our way for designs that are sophisticated, wearable, and made to last.


Scorpion Sisters
The Scorpion Sisters are Bay Area-based designers who find inspiration in broken things and give them new life. We specialize in making one of a kind, handmade necklaces and earrings out of salvaged, found, and reclaimed materials. All of our airplane designs and terrariums are made using California grown plants and repurposed containers. We are committed to sustainable design and our furniture is eco-sourced and features upcycled materials. The Scorpion Sisters started refashioning, repurposing, and reimagining jewelry, furniture, and air plants in early 2011. We also offer terrarium and jewelry workshops and customized designs.

Ecologique Fashion
Since 2008, Ecologique Fashion has been on a mission to support a paradigm shift in the fashion industry by promoting regeneration and ethical business practices. In the effort of promoting a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable fashion industry, Ecologique Fashion provides public relations, marketing, and creative services to independent designers who make eco-friendly and socially responsible products.

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