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There are people who have daily routines that they follow religiously when making use of the bathroom or steam showers. As for some others, they find these routines hectic and boring.

However, no matter the category you find yourself in, it is vital that you make use of bath and beauty products that are ideal for you. There are so many collections we can find in various bathrooms.

These collections can range from essential oils down to facial wipes. Nevertheless, bear in mind that, making use of the worst products can have terrible effects on the skin.

Things Needed In The Bathroom

When it comes down to our bathrooms, there are so many bath and beauty products we can find there. In choosing a collection of things for your bathroom, some of the major collections we can find include:

• Soaps and shower gels

It does not matter if you are having a complete shower or simply scrubbing off the vital parts of the body. At the end of the day, getting clean is an essential task. Since most of us have delicate skins, it is important that you pick the right product.

Furthermore, those who have highly sensitive skin may search for body and beauty shower gels that will not hurt their skin. You may want a product that does not have alcohol or one that has a specific pH balance.

• Shampoo and conditioner

With the ideal shampoo and conditioner, your hair may look different finally. There are people blessed with perfect hair that works with nearly all products. However, it all depends on your hair type.

We have oily hair, frizzy and even curly hair. Hence, there are so many options you can choose from. There are frizz control shampoos and conditioners, while there are other products that have henna in them.

• Toothbrushes

This is a no-brainer. Toothbrushes are among the collections you can find in almost everyone’s bathroom. While there are people who pick any toothbrush they come across, others search if the toothbrush is ideal for their teeth.

This is because we have toothbrushes that have soft bristles and there are also electric toothbrushes.

Products For Your Steam Shower

Asides from the common bathroom collections, there are also products we can make use of when in the steam shower. There are essential oils and herbs you can add to your steam showers.

This is due to the fact that they are considered to be beneficial to diverse skin types. Also, they are known to having an invigorating or calming effect.

For the bath and body products you can use when you have steam showers, they include:

• Herbs

The herbs you can add to your steam showers include chamomile and rosemary. Research has proven that chamomile has the ability to aid with dermatitis as well as skin inflammation. This makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

As for Rosemary, it is a good alternative for people with oily skin

• Eucalyptus Oil

Those who have issues with acne and congestion can make use of this body and beauty product oil.

• Geranium Oil

Gotten from the German flower, the oil is referred to as a natural astringent that aids in tightening and toning the skin.

• Orange Oil

Coupled with its aromatherapy properties, this oil can aid in unblocking the blocked pores and brightening a dull complexion.

As for the other bathroom essentials we can add to our bathroom collections or make use of in our steam showers, they include:

• Dead sea salt mineral bath

• Charcoal exfoliating scrub

• Organic cotton exfoliating hydro sponge

• Charcoal purifying body wash

• Anti-stress massage lotion, and;

• Loofah back massage brush, etc.

Wrapping It Up

Body and beauty products are essential in keeping our bodies fresh and soothing. We have compiled some of the best collections you can add to your bathroom, as well as essential oils you can make use of when having a steam shower.

Gone are the days when the toilet was just for removing toxic waste from the body. The world has become high tech, thanks to advanced technology. Apart from just the building and accessories that brighten your toilet, you can decorate it with various collections. If you are a fan of collections and you feel that you have exhausted all the areas or rather you even lack space for them then have you thought of the toilet? Look at these brilliant ideas to add glamour to your toilet.

You can enhance your hobby into a money-making venture. Some people completely lack ideas on how to enhance the beauty of their home. You now have a chance to create a niche- toilet decoration. You can opt to collect many of them, decorate it and take a photoshoot. Use social media as your marketing tool. Before you notice, your direct messaging platforms will be full of orders across the globe or rather be a consultant in cases where you cannot be physically present.

 Miniature toys

Does your child have a challenge in toilet training? If yes, then this could just be a phobia that he may develop for a reason you may not out your hand to. This is the time to use your hobby to encourage them to visit the toilet when need be. Place some of the favorite toys on the toilet shelves. A child has a low concentration span but the fact that there is something attractive to the eyes then trust me, he will spend more time in there. Before you notice he just loves visiting the toilet even if there is nothing he can do there.

 Wall paintings and wall hangings

In your recent holiday visit, you had some wall hanging and paintings that you bought on the streets as a way of remembrance. You can place them on the toilet just to give ambiance to this small room. You need to strategically place them such that they do not clutter the wall and also not clash with the wall colors. You also need to consider the theme color and choose a painting that matches with the color theme. You can also opt for a total makeover of the wall and involve artwork in the walls. This can be inspired by your collections. You can also collect pictures of things that you love and strategically place them on the toilet shelves or walls.

Toilet essentials

The must-have in a toilet also forms part of the collections. You only need to have surplus such that if it is a refresher them you have varieties in that the toilet have a different scent every day per week depending on your choice. You can also opt to have all your makeup on the toilet that is collect facial masks from different countries that are good for sensitive skin.


Are you a fan of art, do you have artistic collections of any genre that you just keep on your store due to lack of ideas on the best place to keep them? If yes, then your toilet is the ultimate solution. Just make your toilet room artsy. Trust me, everyone who visits the room will have an idea to borrow from you and customize it to suit their homes. This is just a sleek preview of some of the ideas you may use to give your toilet a complete makeover. Your hobby and taste should be your guiding principle to achieve this objective.

Collecting things is a hobby for some people. Most people collect artworks or antique things. There are also some people who collect anything related to the sports that they love. Ping Pong has turned out to be one of the acclaimed and unmistakable games in the ongoing occasions. Unquestionably, there are dependable who beat the rundown of a considerable number of players. A lot of ping pong fans for sure want to collect the famous ping pong athletes' equipment and jersey. It is usually the start of a journey of a ping pong collector.

For the most part, there are a considerable amount of individuals who play ping pong as their genuine games. Most ping pong used to play the sport and some just love watching the sport. If you love the sport, chances are that having a ping pong collection is something that you've wanted. The good thing about being a ping pong collector is it is widely known so wherever you are in the world, you can find anything related to the sport. Here are some suggestions to grow your ping pong collection:

Go to thrift stores or garage sales.
Although there is a little chance that you can find anything related to ping pong in thrift stores or garage sales, there is also a high chance that you will be able to find something rare or anything not common. We know that in collecting things, the rarer the thing that you collect or if you're the only one who has that you are doing great at it. You might also be able to find some things related to ping pong there that can be considered antique or special.

Vary your collection.
Don't just limit to collecting ping pong balls. If you want to grow your collection, try also to collect ping pong paddles (old and new), jerseys of known ping pong athletes and even table if you have enough space for that. The more things you collect the better.

Make it special.
How do you make a ping pong collection special? Have it signed by your favourite ping pong athletes. If you're a fan of the sport, for sure you know the value of athletes'signatures. Nowadays, it is easy to get updates about athletes' whereabouts through social media. Take advantage of that to be able to watch their games and meet them to have your collection signed.

Collect when you travel in different places.
Ping pong is a known sport all over the world that's why collecting anything ping pong-related is possible when you travel in other countries. You can check out the stores that sell ping pong equipment (go for their local brand which cannot be bought in your home country) or go to sporting events in other countries or cities to be able to find one. Miniature ping pong paddles that are ideal for kids can usually be found being sold as souvenirs in sporting events.

There you go! Have fun growing your ping pong collection and loving the sport!

In 2016, after graduating from college, I decided to venture into the fashion industry. I had little experience in the fashion world, but I believed my passion and a lot of hard work will help me achieve my goal. While working in the fashion industry, I learned a lot, such as garment cutting, sewing, pattern drafting, garment production and so many another bunch of things that had to do with fashion and design. One of the most important skills I learned in the fashion industry was fashion collection. Most fashion lovers collect dresses from different parts of the world. Most successful fashion companies that we know today, also collected from different parts of the world to get inspiration to make their own products have a sense of uniqueness and also beat their competitors.

Fashion collection should not be mistaken for the fashion line. The fashion collection is simply items fashion designers put together for each season. A line might sound similar, but it is a subsidiary of a season. A line can be in a collection for a season. In the fashion industries, there are eight seasons in a year. The major ones are Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, and Resort and Pre-Fall seasons.

While fashion designers might be busy collecting different garment for a season's display, this might require the need for a steamer. Most fabrics come in many textures and require to be straightened out. A garment steamer is simply a device that uses high-temperature steam to easily remove wrinkles from garments and fabrics. While these steamers might not have been popular in the fashion industries, it is now a major device for most fashion collectors. Technology is gradually creeping into the fashion industry just as other industries, and the steamer is ones of the major technological inventions that is a must-have for fashion collectors. Companies are consistently working to find new suitable devices to make the fabrics do more for us. The garment steamer is a must-have device for every fashion collector, from the personal collector to the big major fashion companies.

A garment steamer might seem like a device solemnly used by the major fashion industries, I have found the garment steamer to be of great help for me at home also While traveling or going out on a regular outing, the portable steamer has always come to my rescue.

For most travelers going on a trip, either for business or a vacation. It is very common for most travelers to pack up things from the list of things to bring like toiletries, clothes, gadgets, garment steamers and more Although I will like to emphasize more on the garment steamer. A steamer is a great investment for most travelers. The portable steamer has always been a day saver during unexpected moments. Most fabrics are made from varying materials that make them wrinkle with little or no touch. While most of the fabrics look better when they have been steamed out The use of a local iron is not an option, so using the portable steamer is always the solution. These steamers come in different sizes and they are very easy to use They require no major skill. They have regulators for any texture of fabrics and take little or no time to strengthen out a cloth. They are a great recommendation that every fashion collector should include in their things to bring especially when traveling to find something to add in their collections.

Ping Pong is one of the most common and well-known sports around the world. It’s a trademark for table tennis and the equipment that is used to play the game. If you've got no idea about PingPong, visit this link ( But do people know that fashion also takes its inspiration from games like ping pong?

According to the dictionary, ping pong also means echoic reduplication or to move back and forth, as between ideas, feelings or even places. Ping pong is commonly used in sports and is also a common term for table tennis. It’s a sport in which two to four players need to hit a lightweight ball across a table using a small wooden bat. Playing at home is one of the things you can do with PingPong. The game takes place on a rectangular hard table that is divided by a net, much like a regular tennis court set- up. The basic rule of the game is to allow the ball played for them to bounce one time onto the other side of the table. The other player should return the ball back by hitting it so that it bounces on the opposite side once as well. It can be fun and is a great indoor sport as well. But can this be transmuted to a piece of garment?


There are several brands uses Ping Pong as an inspiration to their fashion collection. Ping pong is more than just a game. Just like collecting clothes, you can also collect a good set of rackets for PingPong. The game also reflects the ball's movement that goes back and forth, same as with the fashion industry. Fashion trends may come and go, but certain patterns just come back in style. A small ball or the actual table tennis game does not just represent ping pong, the word itself has a much deeper and significant meaning. Ping pong inspired fashion collection is also related to styles that can be worn fashionably from work and also to the weekend. It can be versatile but still maintains it classic and often sophisticated style. A color palette that fits any age inspires most fashion collections associated with the sport. The cut is also done to flatter the female form and is often quite versatile.

Most designers would often create designs that buyers will consider as wardrobe keepers. These are pieces that can wear back with most of your wardrobe, or pieces of clothing that just stand out on their own whatever season it might be. Ping pong isn’t just a game that players play on a table. It can also be a source of inspiration even for a fashion collection. Ping pong represents the movement of the ball moving back and forth, which is something that most designers should take as a source of inspiration. Fashion collections inspired by this movement often want to create designs that are timeless. These are models that bounce itself back into the fashion scene with little effort. Sometimes, fashion doesn’t have to be striking or bold. It sometimes needs to be as classy and as timeless as possible. Just like the game itself, you have to make sure that your style can bounce itself back no matter what the season may be.

We are used to be called adults but we are still little children inside. Toys are a huge and large type of collection you can start to have but before you are going to do that there are some things you have to know about that we talk about toys but nowadays these are not only toys but a big market. This is going to change your ideas because these little figurines are pretty valuable and are going to make a huge difference in your life later.

Even if you are an adult you can collect them as a hobby, they are going to be something that only you can have and that is yours so do not hesitate to do it. They are going to remember you about childhood.

1. First of all, you have to take a decision on what you want to collect. Which are your interests? You should know that they can be an investment but you should not count on it! I am sure you already heard about Captain America and many other toys like the others which form the Justice League.

2. These toys are going to occupy a lot of space so better get prepared to have them by taking a room from your house and make it the real dream of every kid or adult who is passionate about this field You might need a cabinet doors replacement too because those toys need special attention. Pay attention at every little thing that might affect them and destroy them You do not want to lose or your money in few days so if you want to enjoy them look at the door and just create a space where they could be into their world.

3. You have to spot the difference between false toys and the authentic ones. You do not need to buy a fake and I am sure if you want to have a collection you would want of course the originals there. Every little toy has a little detail so pay attention at it It is worth for you now or later for your children.

4. You can leave it in the original packaging this way it is going to preserve value or just take them a little bit out and enjoy them because probably you are going to collect high-quality toys their packaging will be a quality box too so I just recommend you to keep it there but that is up to you and the way you want to see them but it does not matter the way you keep your toys, any way you have to clean them so this way you are just going to keep them in a good condition.

5. Keep the sunlight far away from them. They are very expensive to take care of them All in all, to have a toy collection can tell a lot about you The way you take care of them the same It is all about you and the way you want to be. Be a dreamer but the one that makes your dreams come true !

You have a collection of music on either your phone or a computer or laptop or tablet. In as much you have a vibrant search function in these gadgets, it is important to organize them into an album for easy access. The album can be from different music genre or a specific genre. It is a function you can manually or automatically do it.

Music stores sell a collection of music; you may find that you only have a specific song that makes you buy the whole album. This is the time you now come to your device and rearrange them to have a collection of songs in an album. How do you get a collection of albums?

By author
A music author always releases an album, but it is one or two songs which become a hit song. You can always use a collection of albums based on the best songs from a single music author. You might even love all the songs; it is still in order. This is the time that the taste determines the collection. You have been in a nightclub, and you just love the collection of song from a particular musician.

By Genre
You may just love a specific genre of sings irrespective of the author. This is the time you make a collection of the songs using genre classification.

You may want to have a collection of music from one genre but a different author. This is only possible when you have the required songs, and either import or export function to place them in a fold. This is something you can do from a computer device. Although you can use a tablet, it is a bit cumbersome. Alternatively, you can make good use of the online multimedia platforms to search for the music. In fact, there are even specific applications which specifically handle such kind of functions. Why struggle when they are available and user-friendly.

It is you to make a collection of albums based on your taste.

You may have favorite songs from different authors and genres. This is the time you now have to make your collection which when a visitor comes to your home. He has no option but to join you in fun.

Why make a collection of albums?
This can be a business opportunity. People may want to have specific songs in their storage device but too lazy t manually look for them, or they may be too busy or even have no idea of where to get them. This is a business gap depending on the policy on music in yu country you can make a fortune out of it.

Music has an emotional fulfillment. You need not stop what you are doing just to keep on searching for music collection to place. Why not create a folder using an album and allow the media player to do its job. It saves you the hassle. Your work is just to listen.

Having an album is a way in which you make your database of music to aid in easy access to your favorite music.

Oakland Sewn



OaklandSewn is a full-service, sample development and small-run production company for sewn goods. Our services include:

  • Patternmaking
  • Sustainable Sourcing and Repurposed and High-Tech Materials
  • Responsible Manufacturing
  • Made to Order and Customization Models
  • Innovative Promotion and Sales

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and ensure good livelihoods for a diverse, local maker-force. OaklandSewn works with artisan producers and local companies that hold similar social and environmental values.



Each of our resident members works out of their own studio space in our warehouse. Currently, space is available for local artisans and creatives.


hiroko kurihara designs
Hiroko Kurihara Designs is a socially responsible company that offers unique high-quality textile creations. They strive to foster conscientious consumerism, encouraging people to consider the global and local impact of all their purchasing decisions. With every item sold another is donated, one for one, to a local non-profit that works with people who are homeless.  Come see her high-quality boiled wool apparel and home goods! Hiroko is the founding member of the 25th Street Collective.

2 Mile Wines
Two Mile began as a group of wine and food lovers with a passion for the moments surrounding an exceptional bottle of wine. 2 Mile Wines is  grounded in building local grower relationships and honoring the land they work, as evidenced in 2 Miles continued investment in the highest quality fruit that California has to offer, produced nearly exclusively organically and biodynamically; in a love of true wine which bucks conventional technique; and in the love of friends and family which guides every decision. They make wine in Berkeley and Alameda, with grapes from Sonoma, Livermore, and the Central Coast. Visit their office for a tasting at the 25th Street Collective.

Current Resident Members

Platinum Dirt
Platinum Dirt jackets are one of a kind, handmade out of reclaimed vintage auto upholstery from the genuine leather interiors of old luxury vehicles. Despite the jackets avant-garde appeal, the essence of Platinum Dirt can be summed up in one phrase: Mean and Green. The hood ornament zipper pull, VIN breastplate, and uniquely patterned interior lining add to the jacket’s distinct edge. Reusing leather stripped from vintage cars makes the jackets Green, environmentally friendly, and ensures that our landfills will be that much lighter. Platinum Dirt is that staple sustainable piece for high fashion and celebrity society, with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Piven and Adrian Grenier sporting their own one of a kind.

GhEttO GoLdiLocks
GhEttO GoLdiLocks uses exclusively recycled, re-used, rescued, and reclaimed materials to create unique and one-of-a-kind handmade pieces of wearable art.




OLover Hats
OLover Hats produces finely blocked felt and straw headwear and radical mixed media head ornaments. With atypical styles and trims that bend eras in time with the masculine and feminine, artist, owner Elwyn Crawford playfully calls them Agents of Transformation. Hats really can change a person. They offer comfort, protection, and a bold sense of identity. Furthermore, as any hat person knows, they’re fun to wear. O’Lover Hats approaches its one-of-a-kind hats as wearable 3D art, with the perspective that each must be provocative, resolved from all angles and compliment the life and personality of the client.

Marc Avenue
When Marcus Quilter founded Marc Avenue in 2011, he believed that attention to detail was key- clothing must look good and remain a functional piece of art. Being an Artist himself, Marcus inspiration for the line is drawn from his passion for Art History from all around the world.

Moxie Shoes
Why should women's shoes be limited to the soulless practical, and the monotonously sexy, when women are so much more? Walk our way for designs that are sophisticated, wearable, and made to last.


Scorpion Sisters
The Scorpion Sisters are Bay Area-based designers who find inspiration in broken things and give them new life. We specialize in making one of a kind, handmade necklaces and earrings out of salvaged, found, and reclaimed materials. All of our airplane designs and terrariums are made using California grown plants and repurposed containers. We are committed to sustainable design and our furniture is eco-sourced and features upcycled materials. The Scorpion Sisters started refashioning, repurposing, and reimagining jewelry, furniture, and air plants in early 2011. We also offer terrarium and jewelry workshops and customized designs.

Ecologique Fashion
Since 2008, Ecologique Fashion has been on a mission to support a paradigm shift in the fashion industry by promoting regeneration and ethical business practices. In the effort of promoting a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable fashion industry, Ecologique Fashion provides public relations, marketing, and creative services to independent designers who make eco-friendly and socially responsible products.