Slow food and slow fashion photography

We all know that slow food is a well-known organization established by the Italian businessman Carlo in 1986. Up to now, slow food still continues its wonderful job as one of the biggest organization around the world. Coming as an alternative to fast food, it truly made a radical change in both the traditional and local cuisine. As a result, it supports farming of plants and seeds.

  Slow food's crucial aim is to bring a new definition of ''food'' as well as to promote micro-businesses stand against globalization of agricultural products. The slow food organization has promoted so many branches which recently became 99.000 members in 147 countries worldwide including Italy, Switzerland (1995), Germany (1998)... It has also several languages which use to communicate with its partners and clients. As to ''slow fashion photography'', it is extremely a revolution of fashion which influenced positively the whole world. It is to let everyone know how fashion invade the world by using best and yet affordable camera and tripods (

That is, changing the mainstream that was about fashion. It is highly evident that slow fashion is not only a seasonal trend that people want to show NO vice-versa. It's a product which counts on so many factors including: Quality, consumption, diversity, taking into consideration human needs, beauty, and finally increasing the profit by making their brand shown in the market to attract more and more people who were used by ''fast fashion companies''. When slow fashion first appeared in the USA, its main goal was encouraging people to buy these items locally to enhance the American economy.

That is, seeing any given product with 'made in America'' means a lot to people at that time. It was somehow kind of prestige. The term ''slow fashion'' was first used by the Design Consultant Kate in 2008 when she was describing an approach to clothing and fashion in the USA. Compared to slow food, the slow fashion photography was also first appeared in Italy (Rome) when people were protesting against fast food because it makes people suffer from a lot of serious health problems including diabetes, cancer, obesity.... As a result, slow fashion has become a phenomenon at the same time a DESIGN which inspired millions of people. Years after, the extraordinary success of Slow Fashion brings about numerous changes against the Fast-fashion to end up with that era of MONOPOLIZATION by asking costumers to boycott all ''fast fashion'' products: clothes in particular, and also supporting hand-made clothes products so as to encourage the micro-businesses which were suffering in the past.

Not only that but encouraging people to buy second-hand clothes as an act of pressure. Later on, it asks people to buy clothes ethically-made/recycled, asking people to choose kind of clothes which last longer. One of the main bases of slow fashion was DIY which stands for (DO IT YOURSELF) which means people need to rely on themselves rather than waiting for the company to make clothes for them.

All these images were just the first steps that allow slow fashion came on board and be a leader nearly in the whole countries. up till now, we can see these trends in the markets, on tv.. everywhere we go !!