Collection of smokers

Smokers are kitchen appliances used for smoking, grilling and roasting meals. It is a traditional method used by the early man and still finds is way in the modern society though in a technologically advanced kitchen appliance. The contemporary society uses modern forms of energy like electricity but the scientific principles still stand. Different smokers have different tastes of food that is why in most restaurants, they have a menu with the same meal but prepared by different smokers. This means customers prefer specific smokers for their meals. Different cultures and races also have an influence on the type of smokers to be used. Here are some of the most common smokers from the pre-colonial age to industrial age and the current technological era.

Wooden smokers

Wood fuel is associated with tradition, but it still finds a way in the modern kitchens. The wooden smokers use wood pellets which are heated to produce smoke and low heat to aid in cooking the meat. It is used for outdoor cooking because it needs a supply of oxygen, which supports combustion. When you need to engage the entire family in some cooking activities for fun, wooden smokers is the best option. It helps to tighten the family bond through a team spirit.

Gas smokers

Gas smokers use cooking gas (propane) as the main source of energy characterizes the urban households. It is a simple kitchen appliance that only requires a set and grill function. The gas provides a source of heat for the smoker, which you can regulate to desired temperatures. The heat from the gas provides a steady supply of heat which grills the food to your desire. You can opt to use various ingredients to add value and improve the taste of the food. In addition, the heat regulation prevents overcooking and burning of the grilled foods.

Electric smokers

This is the most recent technology in the smokers field. It uses electricity as it needs power to heat a metallic rod -copper which is a good conductor of heat but does not melt. The copper metal releases heat in moderation in a chamber where the meat is placed at a distance to avoid contact with the rod which can lead to burning. The main advantage of electric smokers is the automated features, once you set the correct temperature the meal will cook without burning. At the same time, they have an automated time which switches off automatically after the specified duration. Unlike the wooden smoker where your presence is required, you can do other tasks while you wait for the meal to grill when using an electric smoker.

The type of smoker for home use depends on your budget; the purpose of the smoker in your house; the type of home; and the kind of house and availability of the source of power to drive the heating chambers of the smokers.

Have a taste of the meal made from each of the smokers before you make a conclusion on the best choice of a smoker for your grilling and roasting cooking methods.